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  • Total guarantee of operation in relation to the Specifications

  • Specialist in secure lifting (cranes, elevators, etc.)

  • Long experience in embedded systems (agricultural, TP ...)

  • Numerous applications in difficult environments and food processing

  • Support throughout the life of the products

Since 1980

Your CUSTOMIZED electronic projects


One of our engineers, a privileged interlocutor assigned to development, monitors the project at your service.

• Discovery of your ideas or industrial products.

• Analysis of your needs.

• Project costing.

• Project pre-study with mock-up if necessary ...


Optimal responsiveness,

all services under one roof.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

• Manufacturing of the prototype.

• EMC prequalification.

• Internal test of the prototype with its embedded software.

• Validation of the embedded software by your services.

• Definition of production controls ...


Une entreprise à taille humaine

avec son atelier en France.

• Réalisation d’une présérie.

• Validation de la présérie en situation par vos services.

• Production de petites et moyennes séries.

• Suivi du protocole qualité.

• Traçabilité en fabrication.

• Optimisation des méthodes de production en collaboration avec notre Bureau d'Etudes.


our job...

it is to imagine and produce electronic cards adapted to the problems of the industry and its users.

• Machines require a lot of functions. In standard catalogs, many of them must be added as modules.


• Our cards combine everything to benefit from better functionality.

• Our achievements increase the efficiency of the industrial system, simplify its use and reduce its cost.

• Our experience is based on partnership with manufacturers, it ensures the sustainability of the product.


• We support our customers throughout the life of their products, for follow-up and technical developments.



30, rue de la Source

38180 SEYSSINS - France

Phone: 04 76 84 24 48

Fax: 04 76 84 24 49

Thank you for what you sent !

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