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Optimize your custom machines and systems


Our approach is to support manufacturers in the development and completion of their projects.


Machines most often require a combination of a large number of functions and in traditional catalogs it is difficult to find the product that perfectly meets the needs. This implies a greater investment to approach the desired result.


The systems chosen are also sometimes undersized, sometimes oversized; usable but not optimized ...


Electronics is therefore often the key to optimizing machines and systems.

Our achievements aim to increase the yields of industrial processes, simplify the use of machines, reduce costs at all stages of the life of the installations: creation - evolution - replacement of standard PLCs. We adapt to all environmental constraints; sizing, climatic and functional conditions, electromagnetic disturbances ...

Our dynamic management of obsolescence, adapted to equipment subjected to long cycles of development and use, guarantees the durability of your electronic systems .

100% guaranteed compliance over time, this is our commitment.

Our cards include in particular:

Les applications

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